One of Many Jerks: Part I

by Lunna Raven

I’ve been trying the online dating thing again, since I never go out and meet people. I don’t see much difference between both ways, you’ll meet nice people and jerks either way, and this is where I’m going.

I’ve been chatting with a few guys, and went on a date with one of them. He was 6 years younger than me, but seemed smart and mature. Once we got in the car, all he did was talk, I tried my best to not look annoyed or to space out (which is what usually happens), it was quite a task.

We sat down to chat, and he seemed nervous and insecure. He kept talking and he wanted to be listened, but didn’t listen. To top things off, his ex girlfriend works near that place he took me, he even admitted to wanting to get back with her, but she doesn’t want him back… I wonder why?…

We had dinner, got back in the car and asked if I wanted to have sex… WTF?

I said I didn’t feel like it (duh!)

On our way back he went on talking about how older women tended to not look after their bodies, especially after giving birth (and he wants to be a father some day, of course)… so that’s why men cheat or leave their female partners for younger ones…

I exploded… I told him most of those women he was referring to were within my age range, that giving birth was serious business and the changes it makes on our bodies are no reason for shame, that not all younger women have beautiful bodies and (most) older men mostly go for them to boost their egos, and above all, how goddamn easy it was for him to want to be a father, and if was he going to leave that woman after or before she gave birth. Also, that it was way too easy for them to want to become fathers, since all they had to do was fuck, the harder part is for us, with all the hormonal and body changes, plus any risk that could arise.

To finish this quickly, he completely disappeared.

Yes, I got angry when those situations arose, but it was a healthy, I won’t take this bullshit type of anger. Idiots like these want submissive women, women who don’t speak up, women that refuse to be targets of body shaming, and women that decide with whom they have sex with or not.